Howdy, I am Kim Angeles.

I am a loud, energetic, party-starting instigator that grew up in Caracas, Venezuela. After 9 years we arrived in Miami, and call the dirty south my home for a good O' 10 years. After that, I drove in and parked my big bad truck in the Bigger-than-life state of Texas. I have resided here in the beautiful and friendly city of Fort Worth for 10 years now. No worries, I have no plans on leaving, I truly love Texas, and like I always say, "This state has been nothing but good to us". I live with my husband David and 6 very pampered and spoiled fur children, 5 of which are pomeranians.

My photography career started in Miami 11 years ago, I gave it a go at everything from pets, newborns, families, children, couples, and the list goes on and on. About 5 years ago I really found out what I excelled in: Couples wildly in love. This niche really molded itself so perfectly to the candid portraits I love to shoot. Don't get me wrong, I know the classic poses that make you look stunning, perfect, and slimmer. Just like every other art, you have to learn how to do it correctly before you make it your own, and I sure did. I hope you love it, and stick with me for a wild ride! cue in the fireworks!

Fort Worth